60F – Bass


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60F – Bass

The Teisco s60F is a rare 32-key analogue monophonic synthesizer, featuring a single oscillator (saw/pulse/noise waveforms), plus an external audio in. Made in Japan in the 1980s, and used on Hot Chip’s acclaimed studio album ’The Warning’ (2006).
Using the ’80s Teisco s60F mono synth, we aimed to capture as many bass sounds as possible. For those in the know, this synth excels at bass.
Here we have a total of 50 original bass presets. Some recorded raw without EQ/FX, others with high end tube EQ, tape, guitar pedals & bit crushers for some crunchy 8-bit bass! Furthermore, we recorded different octaves of the oscillators and layered them to create two/three oscillator bass sounds that are impossible to reproduce with hardware synth alone.


The 60F Bass pack includes:
50 one shot (perfectly looped) pre-made instruments for
Logic’s – EXS/Sampler
Ableton Live (10.1 Lite +)
Kontakt – (Full Version 5.8.1 and above)
HALion 7 (Not Sonic)
Direct Wave
TAL Sampler
Reasons NNXT
50 one shot wav files to load into any sampler of your choice.
(529 mb Unzipped)